Rjoh was started 8 September 1999. Twenty years has been completed successfully. apparently started as contracting, and then long journey up to holding company. Now Rjoh has 20 other companies under the Rjoh umbrella.

RJOH invest wholeheartedly in being one of the pioneer designing, contracting & trading firms in Saudi Arabia having accomplished surprising development throughout the most recent three decades and contributing essentially to the improvement of Saudi Arabia. The Company has achieved consciousness as a pioneer in the field of development and designing & trade through fitness, aggressiveness and opportune conveyance with most excellent norms and perceived security execution. We have a long convention of serving our esteemed clients to their total fulfillment through proficient administration and amazing workmanship, which we keep on keeping up with our untiring endeavors. In a period of cutting edge innovations and new methods, we persistently take a stab at development and improved productivity.

Offering administrations spreading over a wide scope in Construction, Landscaping, Interior and Exterior, Building Developments, Telecommunication. We provide the best quality and security services to all our customers with our expertise and dedication.

As Rjoh we expect in the coming years, the construction sector needs more innovative, creative inventions. We are ready to work for more betterment of any changes or progress, with good administration and development systems..

Turki  Bin Hamdan Al-Mutairi